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Granite Monuments

Quick Tips for Cleaning Granite Monuments

Granite monuments are a beautiful choice that will last for generations. In order to take good care of your monument, it may need occasional cleaning. To clean granite monuments, simply wet a soft towel using clean water, and gently scrub any dirt or debris away from the stone’s surface. Avoid using any type of harsh soap or cleaning product that can penetrate into the stone and result in discoloration or damage. You may use a household glass cleaner if you want to polish your granite monuments after you clean them with water. Try to use clean, distilled water whenever possible and make sure that the entire stone stays wet throughout the process. Do NOT add any protective coatings to your monument since this may stain or damage the stone permanently. Occasional cleaning with a soft cloth or brush and some water should help to keep your granite monument looking beautiful throughout the years. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to reach out to our staff. 

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